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Saying Goodbye to the World's Happiest Girl - Nala

Oh Nala. What can I say? You never cease to amaze me!

The Houston SPCA contacted our rescue group about a paralyzed dog that everyone fell in love with! You were part of a cruelty seizure and they suspected you were hit by a car. You were left paralyzed and unable to walk on your own.

I never fostered a paralyzed dog. I was terrified to take you in. I didn't have confidence that I could give you what you needed.

I kept waiting and hoping that someone else would step up and help you. I wasn't sure I had the time or expertise to express your bladder over 3x a day. This was uncharted territory for me. The HSPCA kept sending updates on you and I fell in love.

I guess if I was going to help a paralyzed dog you would be the best one for me to learn with.

When the HSPCA sent me the photo of you in your new wheels my heart melted. If you had the faith in yourself then it was time for me to have that same amount of faith in you too!

So I eventually told the HSPCA that we could help you and off we went. Back home for you to meet your foster brothers and sisters. I scoured the internet for support groups on handicapped dogs. I didn't want to make a mistake!

It wasn't long after we got you home that I realized how much you hated being restricted to a wheel chair. You were happier dragging yourself in the yard and I could see you kicking your legs. At this point I knew we had to give you a chance to learn to walk again. It may not be perfect, but you were determined to "walk".

We spent the next 4 weeks doing rehabilitation at the best veterinary rehab center. You won the hearts of everyone there and continued to improve your mobility. Because of your hard work and determination you will not be restricted to a wheel chair! You don't walk the best, but it's better than nothing.

Sometimes people will express sadness for you. They see your limited mobility and feel sorry for you. But I am always quick to remind them that you are the HAPPIEST DOG ALIVE. You've taught so many people to see the positive side of every situation. You zoom around the yard and tackle each dog to engage them to play with you. You're fast! Really fast!

So Goodbye my little Nala. The hardest part is letting the good ones go.

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Has she been adopted out already?? We want her so badly❤️❤️

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