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Saving Toby - Day 5

Toby is doing well today. His kennel at the ER has space for a bed so we asked a volunteer to run up to HomeGoods and get him a plush bed for him to lay in while he continues to recover. My sister delivered the bed and was able to spend some time with him. Of course she instantly fell in love.

Toby NG tube and urine catheter have been removed. This is great because 1) he will be more comfortable and 2) he is getting stronger every day and no longer needs this assistance. He is urinating on his own great and the color looks great. He has a great appetite and should be transitioning to oral meds vs. IV meds.

We are still waiting on an update of when we can expect to bring Toby into a foster home, but we also aren't rushing it. He is receiving 24/7 expert care at Vergi so we are grateful to be able to provide that for him.

All in all this boy is looking amazing. I cannot thank everyone enough for helping us bring Toby back to life! I am confident that 100% of his veterinary bills will be covered by donations. We are waiting on an updated estimate but the generosity of folks on facebook, instagram and TikTok is amazing. We have not had to worry about how to pay his veterinary bills and just solely focus on getting him healthy. I cannot even explain how great that is. As a rescue we are always gracious to our generous supporters!

If you'd like to donate towards Toby's care you can donate at

Venmo: @lolasluckyday

CashApp: $samantharescue

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