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Saving Toby - Day 4

Toby's friend Doug went to the ER hospital to visit him today at lunch time (10/5 around 12pm). Doug was one of Toby's original rescuers. He held Toby as they rushed to the ER hoping that he would make it.

The vet called today with an update noting that Toby's blood pressure is normal when unsupported by their equipment. This is great news! They repeated his bloodwork and his neutrophils and white blood cells are trending towards being normal and that he is at less risk of being septic anymore. That means his IV antibiotics are WORKING! He had a bandage change and wound cleaning today and they were very pleased with the healing progress. At this time they do not feel that he will need a veterinary soft tissue specialist. They are going to work on continuing to get the wound healed and closed up over time.

Toby is wanting to jump out of the cage at this point when anyone visits him. This boy just wants to be held and loved on! While he is still very weak and still recovering his progress is night and day from when he arrived Saturday evening. Once he is proven to eat on his own he will eventually have his NG tube removed. He is very under weight so it's a nice supplement to his feedings to continue to have the NG tube. He is not on heat support anymore. Nor is he on any blood pressure support.

Toby's next steps are to continue to monitor and clean the wound. Work towards transitioning to oral meds versus the IV meds he has been receiving. And to continue to monitor his WBC and neutrophils to ensure the infection is responsive to the antibiotics he is currently on. At this point we do not have an estimate of when he can leave the ER hospital but the costs of each 24 hours stay will be reduced each time. Due to removing him from critical care support items like heat, etc. we can expect the daily expenses to reduce.

Thank you to all who have come to love this boy Toby and provided such kind words and financial support to his care. We are thankful to have all of his costs covered to date by donations.

If you'd like to donate towards Toby's care you can donate at

Venmo: @lolasluckyday

CashApp: $samantharescue

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