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Goodbye Rose


I am so thankful you landed in our home.  I am pregnant so I insisted I wanted a foster that was also pregnant... and somehow you fell into my lap.

You were found at a hoarder’s home. When the owner passed you off to the rescuers, she simply said “Oh. This one must have had babies this morning. I didn’t even know she was pregnant.” I got the call and for some reason I knew I needed you and you needed me. When I saw you, you were a shell of a dog. Cuddling your three babies so close but cautiously accepting the vaccines, taking the medications, and letting us check out your babies. Every time I went to check on you and your babies your head would raise and your tail would barely wag as you let me inspect your sweet babies.

You were the best mama. 

One of your babies started to decline that first night and you asked me for help by pushing her away. I felt her cold and put her in my shirt to warm her, syringed her formula and rushed you all to the vet first thing in the morning. We tried to save her but we couldn’t. When you saw her body, you knew she was gone and I will NEVER forget that cry that escaped your body- my heart hurt so for you as a Mother, I felt your pain so deeply. But you carried on and took the best of care of your other two babies. 

 You were so dehydrated but refused to drink water or my homemade bone broth on your own and even syringed. I made you chicken and rice with homemade bone broth and you would eat cautiously from my hand clearly just to please me. Gosh. Even through all that obvious pain and discomfort, you kept your two remaining babies so close and THEY THRIVED.

While you took care of them, I whispered to you that I promised I would take care of YOU. Together we loved watching your two babies grow and learn to play! Herbie and Pumpkin were two balls of pure white perfection, bouncy and all energy! When they turned 9 weeks old, they left for their forever homes- perfect homes with so much love that I promise I will continue to keep up with for you! 

You’re the best foster ever- housebroken, so sweet with my toddler, perfect in our pack, and you follow me like a shadow everywhere I go. We love having you here and I think you needed more time to build up your confidence. This is why we foster, this is why we rescue. To give pups like you a second chance at life. You deserve the world my perfect Rose. We are so lucky we got to be a small part in your happy ending. We wish you all the luck in the world, my love.

Love, The Mackeys

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Very well written ❤

Fostering is amazing!

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