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Before We Say Goodbye - The Beginning

Today we are embarking on a journey to tell stories about the dogs who have stolen our hearts. We have partnered together to begin showcasing Houston foster families and their foster dogs before they leave to their new homes.

Angie and Samantha have worked together for years to provide free photography to foster animals in Houston in order to market these pets for adoption! A great photo can be the trick to getting your foster pet adopted!

Angie has dedicated countless hours photographing and editing these images to share with the community. On countless occasions our friends have told us the new photograph was the REASON their pet got adopted.

We love being able to interact with these pets and their families every other Sunday morning! It's become the highlight of our week to see the final images from a Sunday photo shoot.

One day we decided that we could combine photography and a farewell letter to really showcase the bond between foster parent and their dog. Some of these animals have been with their foster families for months and even years! Some of the dogs go through a period of decompression and eventually become balanced well integrated members of the family!

We asked our friends "what would you write to your foster dog if you could write them a farewell letter?" and the responses we got were great! We really enjoyed the heartfelt letters that people wrote to their pets. It takes a lot of strength to foster an animal knowing that one day you will let this pet go on to another life.

What would you tell your foster dog before you say goodbye?

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