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Dougie Chased His Owners' Car As They Drove Away

The first time I laid eyes on you, you were in a panic running after the car of the guy who dumped you next to my house. I knew you were young because of the way you ran with your long legs like Bambi learning to walk. You found your way to a neighbor's backyard to make friends with her dogs and she held onto you until I could pick you up.

You were so eager to make friends with my pack and I realized then you were still a puppy! An over-sized puppy who thought you fit in my lap and didn't understand you were half my weight and taller than me when you jumped up to give me kisses.

I'm so thankful you were potty trained because you had an upset stomach for a week! It's been a joy to watch you play and learn to be part of a pack. You haven't quite learned your name because no matter what dog I'm speaking to, here you come barreling over to me just in case it was you I was calling. You definitely know when you're in trouble though. Like those pair of shoes I was complaining about because my feet were achy from wearing them. Thank you for chewing them up so I never have to wear them again!

Thank you for keeping my lazy dogs active by making them play with you. You are full of energy and your youthful excitement over plush toys and rubber chews keeps them on their paws. I hope that your next fur-ever home will have furry friends that like to play as much as you do and a new owner that loves taking walks. I know how much you love my grand-kids and I hope you get your own kids to play with too!

I'm not sure if it was luck or coincidence, but that moron who dumped you was in the right place at the right time because you will forever be safe and loved from now on. I'm going to miss you Dougie!! Be a good boy!

If you'd like to adopt Dougie you can email his rescue group at Dougie is traveling to Wisconsin August 24, 2019 to continue his search for his forever family.

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